Terms & Conditions

You must be at least 18 years of age and reside in the United States to access or use SentryAmmo.com. If you are accessing or using our site on behalf of another person or entity, you represent that you are authorized to accept these terms and conditions on that person or entity’s behalf and that the person or entity agrees to be responsible to us if you or the other person or entity violates these terms and conditions.

By placing an order through SentryAmmo.com, you are agreeing to our complete terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not use this site and do not place an order with us. Furthermore, you represent that all products purchased will be used in a lawful manner and you are of a legal age, and where applicable, a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident of the U.S., to acquire or use such products. No products shall be exported without the proper licenses and or permits.

As a customer, purchaser, or end user of our products, you expressly acknowledge and agree that Sentry Ammo is providing access to this information in reliance on the disclaimers and limitations set forth herein, and you further acknowledge and agree that such limitations are reasonable. In no event shall Sentry Ammo's liability to you exceed the actual price you paid for the product obtained from us.

Sentry Ammo shall have no liability to any customer due to the customer’s intentional or unintentional violation of federal, state, or local law. Neither Sentry Ammo nor any of its affiliates, licensors, partners, managers, shareholders, directors, officers, employees, or other agents shall have any liability to any user or their principals or agents for any damages, whether general, special, direct, indirect, incidental or consequential, including any lost profits or lost savings, whether or not foreseeable and whether based on contract, tort, common law, or any other theory of liability, statute, or regulations.

This general policy does not apply to law enforcement agencies and other official end users, licensed dealers, and other parties with the proper licenses upon proof of such authorizations and the presentation of proper identification.

For additional information regarding state and local regulations please contact your state Attorney General.

By placing an order through SentryAmmo.com, you agree that the following statements are true:
  • I have not renounced my U.S. citizenship.
  • I am not a fugitive from justice.
  • I shall not commit any unauthorized export of defense articles.
  • I am not an illegal or unlawful alien, and I am not a nonimmigrant alien.
  • I am currently not subject to a domestic violence restraining order of any kind.
  • I have not been adjudicated as a mental defective and I have not been committed to any mental institution.
  • I am not an unlawful user or addicted to any controlled substance.
  • By selling or delivering ammunition and/or firearm accessories to me, SentryAmmo.com is not violating any state or local law or ordinance.
  • I have never been and I am not expected to be convicted in any court of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence.
  • I am not under indictment for and have never been convicted in any court of a crime punishable by imprisonment for over one year.
  • I have never been and I am not expected to be discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions.
Sentry Ammo is not responsible:
  • For the use, or inability to use, any of the products offered, or the suitability of use for any particular task, or any claims stated in our materials regarding how these products function or work.
  • For any damages, loss, cost, or damage of any kind arising from the misuse of our products or physical harm caused by our products to anyone or anything. This responsibility is entirely yours, as the buyer.
  • For any claims that may arise as a result of, whether whole or in part, improper or careless handling in the use of our products, unauthorized modifications, use of improper ammunition (wrong caliber, defective, hand loaded, or reloaded cartridges), abuse, neglect, corrosion, or other influences beyond our immediate and direct control.
  • In any manner whatsoever for injury, death, or damage to property as a result of the intentional or accidental discharge of any firearm, or from its proper function when the firearm is used for purposes for which it was not designed.
  • For incidental or consequential damages, such as loss of use of property, loss of earnings, or profits, or any other commercial or residential loss.
  • For any issues regarding a customer's order after 30 days of receipt.

Return/Exchange Policy

Returns/exchanges are approved on a case-by-case basis. Unless explicitly stated otherwise by Sentry Ammo, the customer shall be responsible for any and all shipping costs related to returns and/or exchanges. Upon approval we will provide you a return address.

Please note that a restocking fee of up to 20% may apply on a return/exchange. All return/exchange requests must be made within 30 days of order receipt. Any return/exchange requests made after 30 days of order receipt will result in denial of return/exchange. All returns/exchanges will be subject to inspection upon receipt by Sentry Ammo. Sentry Ammo will only accept returns/exchanges on products that are unused/undamaged/unopened. Any products deemed damaged//inoperable due to improper handling and/or use will not be accepted for return/exchange.

All products sold are new and under warranty from the manufacturer, unless otherwise stated in the product description. If a product is defective, Sentry Ammo will give you a full refund, including shipping costs, if returned within 30 days of receipt.

Refunds will be issued back to the original method of payment, minus any applicable shipping and/or handling fees.

Due to shipping and safety restrictions, absolutely no returns are allowed on ammunition, gunpowder, and/or ammo primers.

Merchandise/items marked "SPECIAL ORDER" are non-refundable - no exceptions.

Order Cancellation Policy

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the correct products and/or ammunition is ordered. Orders cannot be edited once they are submitted. Orders that are canceled after submission may be subject to a cancellation fee of up to 20%. Once an order has been shipped and tracking information is generated, the order cannot be canceled. Refusal to accept delivery of an order may be subject to a restocking fee of up to 20%, as well as any return shipping charges.

Pricing, Description, and/or Inventory Errors

Stock Availability: Some items on this site may have limited stock, and multiple customers may purchase the same item at the same time. In the event of an item going out of stock and/or being oversold, Sentry Ammo will fulfill in the order received with the necessary details required for fulfillment. If we are not able to fulfill your order, we will offer a comparable substitute at no additional charge, or cancel your order and provide a full refund. 

Accuracy: Sentry Ammo does not guarantee that any title, description, or picture, or any related content displayed for any product on the website will be error-free. The customer acknowledges that Sentry Ammo is not responsible for inaccuracies in descriptions and/or pictures contained on this site.

Pricing Errors: In the event of a non-intentional pricing error displayed on our website or through marketing emails and/or materials, Sentry Ammo reserves the right to cancel any order as a result.

UPC Accuracy: Sentry Ammo ensures that the item the customer receives matches the UPC number on order. However, the pictures and descriptions may not always be completely accurate. It is the customer’s responsibility to the accuracy of pictures and descriptions with the manufacturer, especially when they relate to the UPC number. Any issues that arise due to UPC numbers will be resolved at the discretion of Sentry Ammo.

Sentry Ammo reserves the right to cancel any order at any time for any reason.


Shipping/Delivery Policy

Sentry Ammo does not ship outside the contiguous United States. Furthermore, Sentry Ammo does not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or any other area that is prohibited by federal, state or local law. Please make sure you are aware of your local and state laws in regards to buying any product on SentryAmmo.com. It is impossible for Sentry Ammo to know the laws and regulations of every state and municipality.

I understand that once my package is handed to a carrier (UPS, FedEx, USPS) Sentry Ammo does not have control over my package. Additionally, I agree upon delivery of my package by the carrier to the address I specified in my order, I am fully responsible for the safety of my package. Sentry Ammo is not responsible for any lost/damaged packages after delivery.

By agreeing to our Terms & Conditions, you agree that in event you receive the incorrect item(s) in your order, that you will abide by the following:

1. Keep the items sent to you in leu of what you ordered.

2. Return the incorrect items sent to you(at no cost, shipping label and pickup will be arranged) before the correct items are sent to you.

3. Purchase the incorrect items at our cost, and have the correct items shipped to you. 

When appropriate, a hazardous materials surcharge may be added to your order. A signature may be required on some packages and ALL hazardous materials packages

Firearm Shipping/Delivery

The customer is responsible for knowing his/her state laws regarding firearm transfers. Contact your local FFL dealer with any questions regarding the sale or transfer of firearms. Contact your local FFL before ordering a firearm to verify their transfer fee and to ensure they will receive your transfer. The customer assumes all responsibility and cost for returned firearms due to FFL refusal or failure to receive.

If you order a handgun, stockless shotgun, complete AR or AK receiver, or stripped lower receiver, YOU MUST be:

  1. A legal resident of the state in which you are ordering.
  2. 21 years of age or older to complete the transfer through your FFL.

Exceptions: Military personnel stationed in a state other than their legal residence may purchase firearms across state lines. Contact your local FFL receiving the transfer as you may have to provide proof of deployment, residence, etc.

The customer may be asked to provide the FFL information that they wish to use. If a customer wishes to change the FFL they want to use after the order has shipped, they will be additionally charged for the cost of shipping. If a FFL is not available at the time of delivery, the package will not be held at the carrier hub and will be returned to Sentry Ammo. Additional shipping charges will apply to orders that need to be reshipped.

Firearms will incur an additional long gun or handgun shipping surcharge.

  • Handguns MUST be shipped UPS/Fedex second-day air.
  • If your order does not contain a handgun, shotgun, rifle, action and/or receiver shipping from Sentry Ammo, your order will ship via Fedex Ground.

Firearms cannot be returned; please contact the manufacturer for warranty claims.

Shipping Insurance

Shipping insurance for the customers of Sentry Ammo is enabled by default and appears during checkout as “Insured via FedEx Ground”.

The customer understands that they are able to decline shipping insurance at any time during the checkout process. By declining shipping insurance, the customer understands that Sentry Ammo is not responsible for any issues relating to shipment/package delivery, including but not limited to: loss, damage and/or theft.

If a customer who selected shipping insurance during checkout would like to begin a claim, please email info@sentryammo.com with your order number and a detailed description of the issue. All claims are subject to review by Sentry Ammo and purchase of shipping insurance is not a guarantee of reimbursement. If a claim is approved, the customer may be reimbursed via the following methods:

  • Refund to the customer’s original payment method of the cost of the original merchandise, excluding sales tax (if applicable), shipping and/or handling charges, and the cost of shipping insurance, as per the customer’s order number/invoice.
  • Store credit of the cost of the original merchandise, excluding sales tax (if applicable), shipping and/or handling charges, and the cost of shipping insurance, as per the customer’s order number/invoice.
  • At the discretion of Sentry Ammo: re-shipment of the customer’s merchandise as previously purchased, as per the customer’s order number/invoice.

All shipping insurance claims must be made within 30 days of purchase/order date. Any claims made after 30 days of purchase/order date will be denied. Upon shipping insurance claim initiation, Sentry Ammo will attempt to reach out to the customer within a reasonable time frame. If a customer does not respond within 5 days of Sentry Ammo's last message, the claim will be closed. Sentry Ammo may request additional photos and/or videos of the shipment/package, as well as a police report if a package is reported stolen.

Sentry Ammo's shipping insurance will not reimburse shipping insurance claims including, but not limited to:

  • Invalid and/or incomplete shipping address.
  • Shipment/package marked “Return to Sender”.
  • Merchandise/product missing within a shipment with no evidence of tampering.
  • Orders not yet marked “Shipped”.
  • Custom-order merchandise.
  • Merchandise/product packaging is damaged but merchandise/product is still usable.

Shipping Restrictions

It is the customer's responsibility to know the laws in his or her jurisdiction prior to purchasing products provided by Sentry Ammo. No product offered for sale by Sentry Ammo will be knowingly shipped or transferred to a person in any jurisdiction where it is unlawful to receive or possess such product.

  • Alaska
    • No direct sale of ammunition.
  • California
    • No direct sale of ammunition, unless the purchasing individual is exempt from California state law. If you are not exempt, all ammunition orders must be shipped to a FFL for transfer. Exemptions include but are not limited to: LEO, peace officers, and FFL holders (Type 03 included).
    • No ammunition magazines and feeding devices over 10 rounds.
  • Colorado
    • No ammunition magazines and feeding devices over 15 rounds
  • Connecticut
    • A valid/not expired Connecticut Carry Permit or Ammunition Certificate.
  • Hawaii
    • No direct sale of ammunition.
  • Illinois
    • A valid/not expired IL Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) card. Please note that the shipping address provided on the order MUST match the address shown on FOID.
  • New Jersey - A valid Firearms Identification Card MUST be provided before we can ship.
  • Maryland
    • No ammunition magazines and feeding devices over 10 rounds.
  • Massachusetts
    • A valid/not expired Firearms License to Carry (LTC). Please note that the shipping address provided on the order MUST match the address shown on LTC.
  • New York
    • No ammunition magazines and feeding devices over 10 rounds.
    • ALL New York State residents MUST have ammunition shipped to an FFL.
  • Washington D.C.
    • No direct sale of ammunition.
It is the customers Responsibility to reach out to Southern Defense with the proper documentation for their order. Southern Defense may try to obtain the documentation via email however if no response is received within 7 days, we reserve the right to cancel the order with a 20% cancellation fee. 


All new products not manufactured/assembled/labeled by Sentry Ammo are covered under their respective manufacturer warranty.